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Hi and thanks for visiting the Thank The NHS site

My name is Jane Hughes and about 18 months ago I purchased the domain name

This was before we had ever heard of Coronavirus, but I just felt that the NHS does not get the thanks it deserves and thought at some point it would be great if there could be a way that this thanks could be gathered.

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I hope that you will agree with me, never has this thanks been more deserved

Thank the NHS is a not-for-profit moneyless initiative gathering gifts and experiences with the sole aim to show our huge appreciation and say thank you to staff within the NHS.

In a nutshell, we are reaching out to businesses (small and large) and public figures if they would like to pledge a gift or experience that will be given to a member of the NHS to show that appreciation.

These pledges will be awarded to staff at every level within the NHS (the doctors, nurses, care assistants, porters, domestic staff, paramedics pharmacy, reception and support staff and all those other brilliant workers) as a way of thanking them for their bravery and service.

I wish to stress that this is not about giving money

There are other brilliant initiatives that have raised and continue to raise money for NHS charities. The inspirational Captain Tom comes to mind here! and the BBC’s Big Night In.

This initiative is about giving gifts and experiences (small or large) that businesses and public figures are able to pledge. To create a movement that does not involve money… just kindness and generosity. We are hoping to gather a range of gifts and experiences that will appeal to NHS staff of all ages and interests.

I wish to stress that no pledge from a business is too small. All will be gratefully received.

We are also hoping for some “money can’t buy” gifts as well perhaps from public figures.

Our aim is to bring some unexpected happiness and joy to these wonderful heroic NHS staff.

Thank you NHS banner outside Wembley Stadium

So how will it work?

  • Over the coming weeks we will be gathering as many pledges as we can so that as many individuals within the NHS will be in with a chance of being awarded a pledge.
  • Once the pledges have been gathered, NHS staff of ALL levels will be able to register their interest or nominate their NHS colleagues for any of the pledges listed.
  • One person will then be randomly selected and awarded the pledge.
  • The pledger and the winner will be put in contact with one another.

The initiative aims to be a collective, national and tangible way of showing our gratitude and saying thank you from us to them.

When I took part in the clapping each Thursday evening, I felt proud to be British , proud of the nations collective feeling of gratitude and of course thankful to every individual person within the NHS who is putting their  life and health on the line so that if we need them they are there!

I hope that this initiative will add to that sentiment!

If you are also able to pass, share, tell any businesses about this initiative who may want to pledge something however small that might be then please do.

We would be very grateful.

All that remains for me to say is thank you,