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Pledge: Lush Spa Birmingham – Synaesthesia Signature Treatment ( 80 minutes)

From: Lush Spa Birmingham

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Located in Birmingham on New Street escape the city and be transformed.

How would you like to feel today…? At Peace, full of Confidence, Relaxed, Energised or maybe on top of the world with Humour? Lush’s first and signature treatment will personalise your entire experience; a full sensory experience to help you leave feeling exactly how you want to. A light-to-medium pressure 80 minute full body massage that works your scalp down to your feet and a complete blending of the senses tailored uniquely to your own journey.


Lush Spa Birmingham provides completely immersive sensory experience that carry you away and leave you ready to take on anything. From deep tissue massage to facials to full body scrubs, we provide a wide range of magical treatments. We are passionate about our product and look forward to sharing the experience with you.


We understand how taxing this period has been on everyone but especially on the NHS and we appreciate the tireless efforts. Thank you NHS!